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Arts and Culture


Moonbeam Cultural Centre and Art Gallery
Contact Information

93 St-Aubin Ave, Box 161                              

Moonbeam, Ontario    


Hours of Operation

Sunday — Closed

Monday — Closed

Tuesday — Closed

Wednesday — 1 pm to 4 pm

Thursday — 1 pm to 4 pm

Friday — 1 pm to 4 pm

Saturday — 1 pm to 4 pm

New art exhibitions every month, see our Facebook page.


This house was built in the early 1920 and was the second house built in Moonbeam. The Moonbeam Gallery opened its doors in February 2006. The Gallery is a place for local and regional artists and artisans to gather, to share and work with different mediums such as drawing, painting, sewing, weaving, sculpting and so much more. It is also a place to appreciate the heritage and history of our community and surrounding region. 

In 1912, Joseph Dufour, William St-Aubin, Phidime and Théodule Léonard (all related) came here for a visit. These members of the Léonard clan, like all those who followed, were recruited among relatives from their home parishes or people they met in their travels; an effort was made to bring together friends and acquaintances. 


  • ​To Highlight and strengthen community and area affiliations and to revive the taste for arts and regional culture in our population

  • To take the initiative to organize special events and fundraisers so that the Gallery can be self-sufficient

  • To increase the participation of people in our community and the area

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Our History, Arts & Heritage

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Membership gives you access to exhibit your art, host workshops in Studio 93 and show your support for local art and our artists. 

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