Corporation du Canton de Moonbeam

Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam

53, avenue St-Aubin, C.P. 330

Moonbeam (Ontario)  P0L 1V0

Tél: (705) 367-2244 / Fax: (705) 367-2610

Corporation du développement économique de Moonbeam

Moonbeam Economic Development Corporation

Tél: (705) 367-1110 / Fax: (705) 367-2222

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Bicycle & Snowshoes Rental

Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Health Promotion, the Moonbeam Nature Trails are proud to offer free daily bicycle rentals.


Come see and explore our 7 trails covering nearly 35 kilometres. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time with friends and family.





Thanks to the same grant, nature enthusiasts can also borrow showshoes to walk the same magnificent trails and discover impressive winter landscapes.


It's also the perfect opportunity to spend some time with friends and family and enjoy a recreational and educational day.