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Clubs and Associations

Here’s the list of clubs and associations in Moonbeam.

Moonbeam Club des As (Ski doo club)

20 Nursery Road


For more information:

Club des As Facebook Page:


Knights of Columbus — Consul 5151

District 12

For more information:

Grand Knight: Wilfred Ward — 705-335-7236 

Deputy Grand Knight: Dominique Boily — 705-367-2502 


Our goal:

Foster the development and the empowerment of women in our society.


Our objectives: 

Recognize the value of women's work and contributions in society, improve the socio-economic status of women through training, information, promotion and entrepreneurship, cultivate mutual support within the community and promote the Francophone culture.


For more information:

President: Diane Filion — 705-367-4264

Vice-president: Simone Hachez — 705-367-2591 

Secretary: Francine Ste-Croix — 705-367-2832

Treasurer: Murielle Gendreau — 705-367-2051

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