Corporation du Canton de Moonbeam

Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam

53, avenue St-Aubin, C.P. 330

Moonbeam (Ontario)  P0L 1V0

Tél: (705) 367-2244 / Fax: (705) 367-2610

Corporation du développement économique de Moonbeam

Moonbeam Economic Development Corporation

Tél: (705) 367-1110 / Fax: (705) 367-2222

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Emergency Services

Moonbeam Emergency Services offers the above emergency responce.


When on the line with 9-1-1, please remain calm and speack clearly. Indentify wich emergency services you are in need of and be ready to answer the following information:


Description of what is happening

The location

Your name, address, and telephone number


Please DO NOT END THE CALL until the call taker tells you.