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Recycling Bottles


Garbage and Recycling


Collection Information
How often is garbage collected?

  • Garbage will be collected every week from May to September and every second week for the rest of the year.

  • Recycling will be collected every second week all year round.

  • Consult the calendar Collection Days to confirm your collection day.

  • Only non-recyclable items should be placed in the green bin.

  • Recycling items will be picked up separately.

  • Not sure where an item belongs? Please check the Your Guide to Recycling.

  • Only the bins marked with the municipality’s logo will be picked up.

When and where to put your garbage

  • Place your bins at the curb before 8:00 a.m. on your collection day.

  • The bins have to be placed two feet from the street, wheels facing the house and not the street.

  • During the winter season, we asked residents to make sure the bins are not placed too close or on the street

  • The bins have to be placed two feet from the street, wheels facing the house, not the street.

How many bins I am allowed to have?

  • The municipality provided each household with one green bin for garbage and one blue bin for recycling.

  • Each household has the option of buying only one extra green bin for 100$.

What do I do with the bin if I move?
The serial number on the bins are registered with the place of residence and not the resident. So, if you move, the bins must be left at the place of residence.

Recycling Site

Please be advised that our site is no longer a landfill site, but rather a recycling site operated according to the Ministry of the Environment's guidelines.

The following materials only will be accepted:

  • batteries

  • scrap metal

  • wood waste (tree trunks, branches, leaves, brush, any wood free of hardware or shingles, ect.)

  • tires (no tires 49 inches or larger will be accepted and rims must be removed from the tire)

Anyone caught depositing domestic waste or any other material not permitted on the premises will be
asked to clean it up. If the municipality is required to pick up any material, the person will be billed.

Hours of operation

Open on Saturdays starting on the second week of May until the first week of October from 9 am to 7 pm.

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