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National Francophone Immigration Week

November 7 to November 13, 2021

WHEREAS National Francophone Immigration Week is celebrated throughout Canada with the slogan “Une francophonie aux milles saveurs”; and
WHEREAS taking note with appreciation, that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada strongly believes that attracting, integrating and retaining French-speaking immigrants outside Québec contributes to enhancing the vitality of communities by strengthening Canada’s linguistic duality and increasing diversity within the communities, provinces and territories; and

WHEREAS considering the relation between French-speaking immigrants and the vitality of the Francophone community and the community of Moonbeam at large; and

WHEREAS bearing in mind the positive impact that French-speaking immigrants bring to the Municipality of Moonbeam.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Nicole Levesque, Mayor of the Municipality of Moonbeam, do hereby proclaim the week of November 7 to November 13, 2021 as National Francophone Immigration Week in the Municipality of Moonbeam.
Dated at Moonbeam, this 3rd day of November 2021.

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