Moonbeam Economic Development Corporation

The mandate of the Corporation is to assure and broaden the viability of the community of Moonbeam through economic

development. The Corporation works with the Municipality of Moonbeam, local organizations and neighbouring towns

to maximize the impact of tourism in our village. The Corporation is looking to enhance community living for Moonbeam

residents. The Committee meets every month in order to stay up to date on ongoing projects.



Improve the economic and social development, and the quality of life of the community of Moonbeam.


Work in partnership with recreational groups, tour-operators, various levels of governments, the First Nations in
addition to

major forestry and mining companies to accomplish economic, social, community and tourism development in the community.


  • To enhance the economic condition of Moonbeam residents.

  • To plan initiatives and special events to the benefit of the community of Moonbeam and surrounding area.

  • To implement strategic plans for progressive economic development in Moonbeam and participate in the creation of an operating model that reflects the values of the community in general.

  • To improve the Moonbeam Nature Trails for tourism activities and attractions.


The Corporation's major activities include but are not limited to the Nature Trails and the beautification of the municipality.

In these two major projects, two sub-committees of volunteers help out and organize activities and events such as: the Canada

Day Celebrations, the E.T. Challenge triathlon, Poker Rallies and a fish derby. The Corporation also forms partnerships with

other committees to organize the Winter Carnival, the Rémi Ski Club fun days and Twoonie Drive, the Moonbeam Festival of Arts

and local sports for kids and youths.


We are always looking for some fun and reliable people to join our team. If you would like to join a commitee and make a

difference in your community please contact by phone at 705-367-1110.