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Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam

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Corporation du développement économique de Moonbeam

Moonbeam Economic Development Corporation

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Moonbeam Nature Trails

Our Goals

Everyone praises the merits of physical exercise for its global health benefits. However, according to Health Canada, 63% of Canadians are not doing enough physical activity to really feel its benefits. According to the same sources, the average person is awake from 15 to 19 hours a day, and it would take only sixty minutes of physical activity to remain healthy. Furthermore, this sixty minutes can be split in shorter periods of 10 minutes each anytime during the day in order to achieve our daily goal.


Obviously, alternatives to physical activity exist, but, unfortunately, team sports, physical conditioning and aerobics are not within the reach of everyone. Disadvantages related to age, social conditions, family situation and professional responsibilities often seriously compromise our good intentions and New Year's resolutions regarding exercise.


On the other hand, there is a free and simple type of physical activity that everyone can enjoy : walking. Speed doesn't matter and the distance achieved can be freely established, without constraint, depending on our mood, our age, our physical condition and constitution.


Of course, we all walk every day, even when doing our daily domestic chores, but walking as a mean of physical activity, as a tool for health, does not require, or very little, special preparation; it's a democratic practice where everyone can adjusts the rate as he pleases.


However, if walking in itself constitutes the exercise of choice, hiking is without any doubt one of the most pleasant form; The sight of nature in constant evolution, as the seasons go by, enhances the experience. Sure, the air is generally healthier there, but the landscape, the birds singing and the simple ruffle of the leaves under our feet adds to the experience by making it a unique one where feelings of tiredness due to physical efforts are almost completely erased and replaced by a deep feeling of well-being and calmness.


Moonbeam nature trails offers a whole series of trails of great beauty which will stimulate the curiosity and enhance the will of solitary walkers who seek meditation or groups and families which practice this activity together in order to learn and socialize while keeping fit. We hope to see you there!