Corporation du Canton de Moonbeam

Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam

53, avenue St-Aubin, C.P. 330

Moonbeam (Ontario)  P0L 1V0

Tél: (705) 367-2244 / Fax: (705) 367-2610

Corporation du développement économique de Moonbeam

Moonbeam Economic Development Corporation

Tél: (705) 367-1110 / Fax: (705) 367-2222

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We would like to take a momeant to thank all past members for their time and courage.


Raymond Gaulin
Deputy Chief
Bruno Chartrand

Here are the firefighters that were decorated by the Federal Government, by Russ Johnston, Representative of the Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario. This picture represents all the decorated firefighters with 20 and 30 years of service. The Federal Government decorates firefighters after 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of service.

From left to right: Captain Raymond Gaulin - 35 years of service, Associate Chief Yvon Robert - 37 years, Fire Marshal Russ Johnston, Assistant Chief Bruno Chartrand - 27 years, Chief Richard Mercier - 22 years, Roger Robert - 22 years, Jean-Guy Robert - 23 years, Jean-Claude Lebrun - 22 years. Absent: Laurier Léonard - 22 years of service