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Summer Activities

Canada Day Celebration

Marathon – Inflatables - Beach Volley-ball – Concerts – Fire Works

Summer Art Fair

The fair takes place at Ouellette Bay on the 2nd weekend of July.


You can find the tennis court behind the school.


Moonbeam Golf Club

31 Albert Street
Moonbeam, Ontario P0L 1V0
Tel: (705) 367-2111
Fax: (705) 367-2113


Twin Lakes Camping

35 Rémi Lake Rd, Moonbeam

Tel: 705-367-9000


Rémi Lake Trailer Park

80 Remi Lake Rd, Moonbeam 

Tel: 705-335-7177


Rene Brunelle Provincial Park

Provincial Park Rd, Moonbeam

Tel: 705-367-2692


Lakeside Campground

80 Ouellette Bay Rd,

Moonbeam, ON P0L 1V0

Tel: 705-347-0082

Armand Larabie camping

80 Ouelette Road


Summer Camps

Camp Ongrandi

1 Domaine Portage Rd,

Moonbeam, ON P0L 1V0

Tel: 705-367-2471


Ouellette Bay

80 Ouellette Bay Rd,  

Moonbeam, ON

René Brunelle Ontario Park

R.R. #2, route 581 O

Moonbeam, ON   

Tel: 705-367-2692

Twin Lakes

Tourist Information Centre

#2 Hwy 581

Moonbeam, ON

Tel: 705-367-1110

  • Souvenirs

  • Free Bike Rentals

  • Information, Guides and Maps

Knights of Columbus municipal park 

Kids park

Adult outdoor workout centre

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