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Utilities, Water and Sewer Services

The Moonbeam Water Treatment Plant services approximately 250 residences and businesses within the Town limits.

Water and Sewer Billing


Water and Sewer fees are collected on the basis of four (4) billings per year as established by municipal by-laws.


The installments have due dates as follows:

  • First billing last business day of March

  • Second billing last business day of June

  • Third billing last business day of September

  • Last billing last business day of December


How can I pay my bills?

The Town of Moonbeam offers five convenient ways to pay your utility bill:

  1. Pre-authorized debit payment plans

  2. At a bank

  3. By mail

  4. By telephone or computer banking

  5. In person at a Municipal Service Centre

For more details on payment methods, click here.


How to sign-up for Paperless Water Bills?


1. Complete the E-Billing Application Form

2. Bring the form to the municipal office

3. Send by email at or by fax at 705-367-2610


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