It’s an honnour as mayor of the Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam to welcome you to our official website.


It's official ! On October 22, you elected a new municipal council composed of two women and three men with various experiences and expertise. This new council will help maintain parity in the municipal council of our beautiful municipality and make it prosper while emphasizing teamwork with staff and citizens.

I take this opportunity, personally, to thank you for your confidence in us. With your support, we will prioritize the sound management of public finances. We will also make sure that preserving and improving your quality of life is always at the heart of our decisions.


Through Moonbeam, discover our many tourist attractions (such as our lakes, our campgrounds, our parks, our nature trails, our ski hill, etc.), services and, above all, the warm welcome of the people living in our community.


During our mandate, in 2022, we will have the privilege to organize the hundredth Anniversary of Moonbeam that will allow us to recognize the past, celebrate the present and look into the future. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the efforts of our founders to make our municipality what it is today. We will make every effort to make this event memorable.


It is undeniable that we will always be accessible, attentive and at your service while showing openness, respect and transparency to make our municipality the perfect place to live in Northeastern Ontario for families of all ages!


I will always be available and at your service.


Nicole Fortier Levesque


Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam

53 St-Aubin Ave., P.O. Box 330

Moonbeam (Ontario)  P0L 1V0

Tel: (705) 367-2244

Fax: (705) 367-2610

Moonbeam Economic Development Corporation

Tel: (705) 367-1110